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OTCBB Daily List Index 1998
OTCBB Daily List Index  
This page contains two formats for the Daily List: an HTML file and a data download file in ASCII pipe-delimited (|) format. The data download file contains the underlying data comprising the OTCBB Daily List and (after 8/7/2000) the Other-OTC/Portal Daily List. The download file is also available via FTP (see FAQs for FTP instructions and working with the data). Click this link to obtain explanations of the column headings in the data download.

Date                Time
                Text Downloads                
12/31/1998Daily List
12/30/1998Daily List
12/29/1998Daily List
12/28/1998Daily List
12/24/1998Daily List
12/23/1998Daily List
12/22/1998Daily List
12/21/1998Daily List
12/18/1998Daily List
12/17/1998Daily List
12/16/1998Daily List
12/15/1998Daily List
12/14/1998Daily List
12/11/1998Daily List
12/10/1998Daily List
12/09/1998Daily List
12/08/1998Daily List
12/07/1998Daily List
12/04/1998Daily List
12/03/1998Daily List
12/02/1998Daily List
12/01/1998Daily List
11/30/1998Daily List
11/27/1998Daily List
11/25/1998Daily List
11/24/1998Daily List
11/23/1998Daily List
11/20/1998Daily List
11/19/1998Daily List
11/18/1998Daily List
11/17/1998Daily List
11/16/1998Daily List
11/13/1998Daily List
11/12/1998Daily List
11/11/1998Daily List
11/10/1998Daily List
11/09/1998Daily List
11/06/1998Daily List
11/05/1998Daily List
11/04/1998Daily List
11/03/1998Daily List
11/02/1998Daily List
10/30/1998Daily List
10/29/1998Daily List
10/28/1998Daily List
10/27/1998Daily List
10/26/1998Daily List
10/23/1998Daily List
10/22/1998Daily List
10/21/1998Daily List
10/20/1998Daily List
10/19/1998Daily List
10/16/1998Daily List
10/15/1998Daily List
10/14/1998Daily List
10/13/1998Daily List
10/12/1998Daily List
10/09/1998Daily List
10/08/1998Daily List
10/07/1998Daily List
10/06/1998Daily List
10/05/1998Daily List
10/02/1998Daily List
10/01/1998Daily List
09/30/1998Daily List
09/29/1998Daily List
09/28/1998Daily List
09/25/1998Daily List
09/24/1998Daily List
09/23/1998Daily List
09/22/1998Daily List
09/21/1998Daily List
09/18/1998Daily List
09/17/1998Daily List
09/16/1998Daily List
09/15/1998Daily List
09/14/1998Daily List
09/11/1998Daily List
09/10/1998Daily List
09/09/1998Daily List
09/08/1998Daily List
09/04/1998Daily List
09/03/1998Daily List
09/02/1998Daily List
09/01/1998Daily List
08/31/1998Daily List
08/28/1998Daily List
08/27/1998Daily List
08/26/1998Daily List
08/25/1998Daily List
08/24/1998Daily List
08/21/1998Daily List
08/20/1998Daily List
08/19/1998Daily List
08/18/1998Daily List
08/17/1998Daily List
08/14/1998Daily List
08/13/1998Daily List
08/12/1998Daily List
08/11/1998Daily List
08/10/1998Daily List
08/07/1998Daily List
08/06/1998Daily List
08/05/1998Daily List
08/04/1998Daily List
08/03/1998Daily List
07/31/1998Daily List
07/30/1998Daily List
07/29/1998Daily List
07/28/1998Daily List
07/27/1998Daily List
07/24/1998Daily List
07/23/1998Daily List
07/22/1998Daily List
07/21/1998Daily List
07/20/1998Daily List
07/17/1998Daily List
07/16/1998Daily List
07/15/1998Daily List
07/14/1998Daily List
07/13/1998Daily List
07/10/1998Daily List
07/09/1998Daily List
07/08/1998Daily List
07/07/1998Daily List
07/06/1998Daily List
07/02/1998Daily List
07/01/1998Daily List
06/30/1998Daily List
06/29/1998Daily List
06/26/1998Daily List
06/25/1998Daily List
06/24/1998Daily List
06/23/1998Daily List
06/22/1998Daily List
06/19/1998Daily List
06/18/1998Daily List
06/17/1998Daily List
06/16/1998Daily List
06/15/1998Daily List
06/12/1998Daily List
06/11/1998Daily List
06/10/1998Daily List
06/09/1998Daily List
06/08/1998Daily List
06/05/1998Daily List
06/04/1998Daily List
06/03/1998Daily List
06/02/1998Daily List
06/01/1998Daily List
05/29/1998Daily List
05/28/1998Daily List
05/27/1998Daily List
05/26/1998Daily List
05/22/1998Daily List
05/21/1998Daily List
05/20/1998Daily List
05/19/1998Daily List
05/18/1998Daily List
05/15/1998Daily List
05/14/1998Daily List
05/13/1998Daily List
05/12/1998Daily List
05/11/1998Daily List
05/08/1998Daily List
05/07/1998Daily List
05/06/1998Daily List
05/05/1998Daily List
05/04/1998Daily List
05/01/1998Daily List
04/30/1998Daily List
04/29/1998Daily List
04/28/1998Daily List
04/27/1998Daily List
04/24/1998Daily List
04/23/1998Daily List
04/22/1998Daily List
04/21/1998Daily List
04/20/1998Daily List
04/17/1998Daily List
04/16/1998Daily List
04/15/1998Daily List
04/14/1998Daily List
04/13/1998Daily List
04/09/1998Daily List
04/08/1998Daily List
04/07/1998Daily List
04/06/1998Daily List
04/03/1998Daily List
04/02/1998Daily List
04/01/1998Daily List
03/31/1998Daily List
03/30/1998Daily List
03/27/1998Daily List
03/26/1998Daily List
03/25/1998Daily List
03/24/1998Daily List
03/23/1998Daily List
03/20/1998Daily List
03/19/1998Daily List
03/18/1998Daily List

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